Hot Foreplay – Write Erotic Love Letters as Text Messages

I just created a video to promote Text The Romance Back into your love life. Discover how you can romance and seduce your partner with digital foreplay. Create erotic love letters to your sweet heart and transform your relationship. Use your cell phone to send sexy and seductive text messages to your partner.

Create a romantic game by flirting and teasing each other with sexy text messages. See how naughty you can be using digital foreplay to increase your desire for each other.

Frisky Foreplay Erotic Love Letters

Here are the links to Michael Fiore’s videos:

Remember if you purchase either of his products using my affiliate links, you can get our Frisky Foreplay and Fooling Around games free. All you need to do is use the Text the Romance Back Bonus form to send the order number you get from Clickbank with your email address.

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