Fooling Around is a dirty dice-based game for couples. It’s designed to be played with our Frisky Foreplay activity sets, which come in various forms. The tongue-in-cheek design involves fooling around the Rim of a Hole. Deep inside the Hole are Hot Spots. Your goal is to fill the Hot Spots with your Pleasure Plugs. When the Hole is wholly plugged, the game is over. The winner is the player plugging the most hot spots.

Fooling Around

The vagina-themed board game design has been updated to be played with our straight, lesbian, and threesome activities. Gay players can use it too – just think of it as a different erogenous zone. Stripping, drinking, and truth or dare locations have also been added to the game.

Greyscale versions of Fooling Around are included in some of our larger print books. However, the color version is much nicer to play with. We’re making it available for download so you can use it with our smaller-sized and Kindle books. Two variations are available:

The Freestyle version leaves various locations on the board more open-ended to stimulate your own erotic creativity.

Get one of our books or the app, download the design, and start playing with your lover(s) whenever you want to be naughty and fool around.