Add Frisky Foreplay to Your Adult Monopoly Games

Let’s face it, as adults, the game of Monopoly is pretty boring. It takes a long time to play and really isn’t suited for couples. But I’m sure you’ve thought of spicing it up to create your very own “sexopoly” game. In this blog post I’m going to tell you how you can add Frisky Foreplay to Monopoly with just a few rules changes. Don’t worry, these aren’t going to be lame rules that have you strip or kiss when you land on your partner’s property. This sexy variation of Monopoly involves some heavy duty foreplay that starts off slow and builds intensity as you get into the game.

There’s a reason why most erotic Monopoly descriptions just tell you to strip or kiss. They don’t have a creative list of foreplay ideas for you to use in the game. These overly simplistic erotic games are not designed with a way to mix in more advanced or intense foreplay activities as your game heats up. You don’t want to start the game and just jump right into licking and sucking each other. You want to progress to the good stuff by building excitement and passionate desire – otherwise you might as well just skip the game and get it on with a quickie. But, when you play a good foreplay game while having lots of sexy fun together, you can enjoy the reward of much better sex.

Now before we get to it, please note that I’ve designed this erotic game to be played using the idea lists that come with ourĀ Frisky Foreplay game. It’s another great way to creatively add hundreds of sensual sex ideas to your adult play time. If you’ve purchased the game already, thank you. If not, I would really appreciate if you ordered a copy – you can get instant access to download it and start playing tonight. Either way, read through the rules below for frisky Monopoly and see if it’s something you might enjoy playing with your lover. You can adapt the rules to use your own foreplay ideas too.

Pay for Pleasure

The key idea for this frisky variation of Monopoly is that, rather than paying rent when you land on a property, you pay to receive pleasure. As the fees increase by adding houses and hotels (let’s call them whore houses and brothels to keep with the erotic theme), the activities performed become more explicit and sensually exciting. In this way, the game naturally starts off slow and becomes more intense near the end as more brothels are built.

This is where Frisky Foreplay comes in. It has 6 levels of male/female foreplay idea lists ranging from Warm & Loving to Wild & Kinky. That covers bare properties (level 1), four houses (levels 2-5) and the brothel (level 6). Also, each of the 36 sensual activities per level is tied to a specific roll of two dice (red and black) which you’re already using to move around the board. So when you land on your partner’s property, the foreplay intensity level is determined by the number of houses while the activity to be performed by your partner is determined by the red/black dice combination.

Make it a Stripping Game Too

We also need a way to add some stripping to this game so that you’re both prepared to get more frisky with each other. If you’ve ever played Monopoly with just one other player you know how frustrating it can be when the property sets get split between the two of you and there’s no way to start building houses. Here’s a way to fix that problem and encourage some sexy stripping action too:
  • If you land on a property owned by your partner and own at least one of the matching properties, you can buy it from them.
  • First, pay the normal fee and receive the pleasure you paid for then decide if you want to buy the place.
  • Strip an item of clothing and pay your partner triple the property value to take ownership if you desire.
  • If you’re already naked, take a chance with the level 6 activities. You roll the dice but you’re lover chooses the corresponding activity from either the male or female lists. Perform the activity, pay triple value and take ownership.

Here are some other ways to make this a great stripping game:
  • When you land on Free Parking, receive bonus money when you take off an article of clothing. Make the value match the type of item being removed – say $500 for a shirt/pants, $1000 for underwear, and $1500 for a sexy dance if you’re already naked.
  • Assign a price tag for each piece of clothing that you’re wearing. When you’re short of money, strip and sell an article of clothing to your partner for cash.
  • When you roll 3 doubles in a row and get sent to Jail, strip one item of clothing.
  • Select certain Community Chest and Chance cards and write on your own stripping related instructions. For example, “You Win NUDE Beauty Contest, Collect $10(00), Strip Item of Clothing”.
  • When you build a brothel on all the properties in a colour set, you must strip an item of clothing (get ready for special payments).

Use any or all of these extra stripping ideas in combination with the main one that gets you more profitable properties. The more ways to get naked means there will be more incentive to get kinky when you really want to buy or need to sell one of those special properties.
More Ways to Spice It Up
Here are a variety of ideas you can use to enhance your adult Monopoly game play and spice up the erotic fun even more:
  • When either of you roll doubles or land on the same location, passionately kiss each other.
  • Turn Just Visiting into a carnal visit – while standing, hug, kiss and fondle each other.
  • When you land on a railroad owned by your lover, you must “ride” them (you on top) for a minute per railroad owned.
  • When you land on Electric Company use a vibrator to creatively stimulate your lover on any exposed erogenous zone.
  • When you land on Water Works perform some manual pipe or tunnel work with your partner.
  • When sent to jail, use actual bondage cuffs until released.
  • Use blank business cards to make your own erotically themed Chance and Community Chest decks with sexy challenges and sensual rewards.
  • For each roll to get out of jail, perform the corresponding Frisky Foreplay activity starting with level 1 and increasing a level for each successive roll. If you opt to pay to get out of jail, roll the dice and perform an activity from level 2.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to pull out your old Monopoly game and enjoy some erotic fun together with the one you love. Set aside a night with a few hours to play together. Taking time to tease and tantalize each other before enjoying hot passionate sex is a great way to enhance your relationship. It can be extremely satisfying to keep each other aroused and excited during the game.

Get our Frisky Foreplay Game today and enjoy many wild nights of erotic play. See how many other regular games you can spice up with using these hot lists of sexy foreplay ideas. Also take a look at our Frisky Business Game if you want to transform your old Monopoly board into a totally new adult game for couples. You can even play this hot game with special friends.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked this foreplay game.

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