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Frisky Foreplay is a hot dice game for intimate, loving couples looking for a little extra spice in their relationship. It challenges you to perform erotic activities based on what you roll with three dice. You play through an arousing sequence of foreplay activities that intensify toward a wild, explosive climax. This sexy game encourages you to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. Your fun comes in how well you perform the foreplay challenges and how far you’re willing to go as you both explore and push past your sexual comfort zones into new erotic territory.

You take turns rolling three dice (colored red, white and blue) and performing an activity. Each of the ordered dice combinations maps to one of 216 unique foreplay ideas to enjoy. There is a set of activities for men and a different set for women. The red die indicates the intensity level and the white/blue combination points to one of 36 sexy activities in each level.

Of course, you don’t just jump straight to the hard core, kinky stuff right away (unless you really, really want to). There are six progressively more intense levels of pleasuring to enjoy:

  1. Warm & Loving
  2. Sensual Sensations
  3. Intimate Intentions
  4. Explicit, Erotic Passion
  5. Sizzling, Sexual Stimulation
  6. Wild, Nasty, Kinky, Taboo

You advance through the levels when you roll a triple or when you’ve reached the turn limit. You may also roll a special triple for even better rewards.

Creative Intimate Ideas for Couples

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Frisky Foreplay Game on the iPhone/iTouch
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Random Foreplay Ideas

You can also access all the Frisky Foreplay ideas randomly using the same dice rolling interface. Just select the maximum intensity level you want and generate a foreplay activity to perform. Tap the button with your name to start the dice rolling and tap again to get a pleasuring idea to enjoy. In this mode, there are no turn limits or game logic controlling how the activities are performed.

You can use the random idea feature just to spark your erotic imagination or to spice up other games you like to play. For example, use the Frisky Foreplay dice when playing board games together. Perform the activities when certain game events occur like landing on specific spots or capturing pieces. Increase the level as the game heats up. You can even use the activities as forfeits during all kinds of other games you like to play or watch.

So get Frisky Foreplay on your iPhone today and be ready for some very sexy love play anytime you or your lover are feeling extra frisky. For more information see Frisky Foreplay App Details

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