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Frisky Foreplay is an exciting dice game for intimate lovers. It challenges you to perform erotic activities based on what you roll. You play through an arousing sequence of foreplay activities that intensify toward a wild, explosive climax. The game encourages you to sample various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. The fun comes in how well you perform the foreplay challenges and how far you’re willing to go as you explore your sexual comfort zones.

Frisky Foreplay Game Main Screen

You take turns rolling three dice (colored red, white and blue) and performing an activity. The ordered combination of dice corresponds to one of 216 unique, gender-specific foreplay ideas to enjoy. The red die indicates the intensity level. The white/blue combination points to one of 36 sexy activities in each level.

Of course, you don’t just jump straight to the hardcore, kinky stuff right away (unless you really, really want to). There are six progressively more intense levels of pleasuring to play through:

  1. Warm & Loving
  2. Sensual Sensations
  3. Intimate Intentions
  4. Explicit, Erotic Passion
  5. Sizzling, Sexual Stimulation
  6. Wild, Nasty, Kinky, Taboo

You advance through the levels when you roll a triple or when you’ve reached the turn limit. You may also roll a special triple for even better rewards.

Before you begin, mentally prepare yourself and each other for a fun, sensual experience. Give yourself time to savor every pleasure-filled minute of your adult play. This game is about exploring and enjoying sensual intimacy. Although great sex together is the goal, you’re sure to get lucky with every roll of the dice.

Setup & Preparation

Gather up a few adult toys and other pleasuring accessories since they may come in handy during the game. Also, stripping occurs at each level change, so it’s best to start with each player wearing four or five items of clothing. Also, things will definitely get messy, so have plenty of wet naps or a few wet cloths available to cleanup between activities if necessary.

Next, agree on the sexual forfeits or reward for the winner. Try to come up with something extraordinary that you don’t get to experience very often. Also, since a tie is possible, come up with a sensual consolation prize to enjoy together.

Special Note: For certain activities, consider using a dental dam or plastic wrap with flavored lube. One or more of these can be especially useful if you are a little squeamish, but you still want to participate in the sensual experience with your lover.

How To Play

To start, personalize the interface by updating the default names and genders with your own. Depending on the screen size, up to four frisky friends/lovers can be set up to play. When three or more mixed-gender players are set up, assign one or more of the gender symbols to be Bi-Male or Bi-Female if any same-sex activities are desired. If all gender assignments are essentially equivalent, same-sex activities will be the default for all players. At least two players are required to play.

Next, adjust the slider to indicate the max number of turns per level. If you want to get to the kinky stuff faster, keep the slider closer to the left (bondage lover). For more sensual foreplay, move the slider to the right (chocolate lover). The range is between 5 and 25 turns.

Below the slider is the level indicator depicted by six pairs of lips. Red lips indicate the current level of the game. You can tap the lips to speed up or slow down the game as desired.

When you’re ready to play, tap the Let’s Play button. The starting player is automatically selected randomly. Note that you can leave the game, adjust the settings and continue again where you left off. If you were in the middle of a game, you would get the option to continue or restart.

Frisky Foreplay Game Status Screen

Once you tap the Let’s Play button, the Frisky Foreplay Game status view is presented. It shows the current level, a text area with status information and the number of free passes that each player has left. Tap the Let’s Roll button to roll the dice and get a foreplay task to perform. The dice rolling screen displays with animating dice images. Just tap the screen to stop the dice and display the results of your roll.

If all players agree to perform the activity together, tap the Pleasuring Completed button when you’re done. If you don’t have the required accessory to perform the activity, you’re allowed to creatively adapt it to something you do have available. Alternatively, for any reason, either player may opt to use one of their free passes and not do the activity. In some cases, you may not have the appropriate toy to use, you may not be undressed enough, or you may just not be in the mood for it yet. The current player needs to decide first to perform the activity or forfeit a free pass. If they choose to play, then the other player(s) has the option to pass. But once you’ve used up all your free passes, the game is over. Tapping either the completed or one of the player forfeits buttons will bring you back to the status screen.

When you roll a triple, the level increases by one to a maximum of six. You will be notified of the level increase. Both players should strip an item of clothing to prepare for more intense types of foreplay. If all the dice match the current level, you’ve rolled a special triple. In this case, you also win a free pass from your lover and you may actually win the game.

Play continues until one player runs out of free passes or you roll a triple 6 on level 6. The game may also tie if the turn limit is reached when you’re on the last level. You’ll see a message displayed when you’re getting close to this limit. Once the game ends, a win/tie screen will pop up.

Frisky Foreplay Game Dirty Words

Blanked Out Words

To avoid Frisky Foreplay being rejected and not approved for sale due to content that crosses an arbitrary line of moral decency, we decided to blank out certain words in some of the foreplay ideas. Rather than being a limitation, this creates an exciting opportunity to enhance the gameplay. The blanked out words should be fairly easy to figure out, but there is room for personal interpretation. Also, just saying the words out loud to each other can be a fun turn on. So, as an added rule, the current player must read the foreplay task out loud to their partner. They must fill in the blanked out words with appropriate terms or choose to forfeit one of their free passes. You’re allowed to add in more words and extra adjectives to spice up the activity as long as it makes sense, and your partner agrees it matches the intended pleasuring challenge. One or more letters are provided as a clue for the intended word, but you are allowed to use any other word(s) that fits the idea.

There is, of course, an option to show the dirty words if you want. Also, if you opt to turn on text to speech, it will say the dirty words for you regardless.

Random Foreplay Ideas

All the Frisky Foreplay ideas can also be accessed randomly using a similar dice rolling interface. You can select individual intensity levels and generate a foreplay activity to perform. Tap the stack of dice next to the game title. On the Random Foreplay view, just tap the button with your name to start the dice rolling and tap again to get a pleasuring idea to enjoy. There are no turn limits or game logic controlling how the activities are performed.

You can use the random idea option just to spark your erotic imagination or to spice up other games you like to play. For example, use the Frisky Foreplay dice when playing board games together. Perform the activities when certain game events occur like landing on specific spots or capturing pieces. Increase the level as the game heats up. To get more intimate game ideas, visit our site for creative ways to enhance regular games with sexy forfeits and rewards.

Game Ideas in More Detail

The Frisky Foreplay game is intended to provide the creative spark to help you ignite your own passions together. Activity ideas corresponding to each dice roll are short and sweet, sour, tangy, spicy … all delicious. But they are only ideas. Perform them as creatively as you can. Tease and tantalize each other but resist the urge to go all the way until someone wins the game. The ideas will encourage you to try new techniques, rarely used positions, unique accessories or even favorite sex toys in creative new ways. Take the chance to explore new erogenous zones and devise new ways to stimulate your favorites. You may roll the same activity multiple times. If so, perform it in a slightly different way each time. Inspire each other to go beyond the ordinary to make your adult playtime extra special.

Note that you are encouraged to mix in lower intensity activities. You can roll lower than the current level but never higher because the red die is capped and adjusted down if required. Effectively all the lower intensity activities are available as you progress up the levels. This ensures that you’re both warmed up with a full range of sensual pleasures before exploring foreplay activities in the higher intensity levels.

The activities include a broad spectrum of foreplay ideas that may not appeal to everyone. Although we recommend that you try each one or at least creatively adapt it to your comfort level, do not feel obligated to perform any activity – they are intended for your mutual pleasure. Of course, there will be some activities that you’re not prepared to do at the time you’re playing the game. For instance, you may not have the appropriate accessories handy to perform it. You may even want to refuse to participate in an activity your lover is to perform. Regardless of your reason, you have five chances to pass on any activity without question. Indicate your preference by giving up one of your free passes.

However, to help encourage a bit of sexual exploration, each player only has a limited number of free passes. If you use them all or your lover wins your last token, the game ends, and they win. The winner should receive some reward for either being really lucky or daring enough to try something wild and new. So, before the game begins, agree on the sexual forfeits or sensual rewards for each of you that’ll encourage a spirit of fun competition. This rule also helps to reduce any “hard feelings” that may occur if your lover passes on an activity – you know you’re getting closer to receiving a bigger reward. And, of course, you can also win all your lover’s free passes by rolling lots of triples.

When performing foreplay activities for each other as part of the game, you may want to use a timer set for 1-3 minutes. Sometimes the time pressure adds to the excitement. Other times you may want to enjoy the activity at a more leisurely pace until you feel it’s time to move on.

To keep the game rolling along, you can set the maximum number of turns per level. Just in case neither of you roll triples, the level will automatically increase when the turn limit is reached. Each level change resets the current turn count back to zero (even if you adjust the level manually). You can go back to the start screen at any time to adjust these values and then continue playing. You can even increase the level manually as well.

Adding Your Own Foreplay Ideas

The default set of foreplay activities included in the game are relatively generic to suit a broad audience. However, you may find some lame or others too extreme. The ideas can be edited or even replaced with entirely new ones to ensure the game can be adapted to your own personal sexual preferences. The built-in versions are retained but overridden with your improvements. Custom ideas will be displayed with orange text instead of white.

The scrollable text area used to display the foreplay ideas is editable. Just tap inside and edit as normal. When you tap outside the keyboard, it will disappear, and the new text will be saved to a special text file. There are different text files for each of the various gender combinations (couples and threesomes):

  • ManWoman.txt
  • WomanMan.txt
  • ManMan.txt
  • WomanWoman.txt
  • manWomanWoman.txt
  • ManWomanMan.txt
  • ManManWoman.txt
  • WomanManWoman.txt
  • WomanWomanMan.txt
  • WomanManMan.txt
  • ManManMan.txt
  • WomanWomanWoman.txt

Once generated due to an edit, these files will appear in the FriskyForeplayGame folder when you open the Files app. You can use other text editors to modify or even create them. You can also import them in from your computer. The file format is relatively simple:

  • R,W,B:Foreplay Idea Text
  • Use single digit 1-6 for Red, White, Blue die numbers
  • Comma-separated die numbers with no spaces
  • One idea per line (use \n for newlines if desired)
  • Use #LOVER# and #THIRD# as placeholders for player names
  • The file must be UTF-8 encoding
  • Data not in the correct format will be ignored
  • Avoid adding in your own blanked out words if using the Spoken Foreplay mode or Show Dirty Words
  • Different languages may be included (not thoroughly tested)

If in doubt, edit a few ideas within the app and examine the resulting files. Then, follow the format to bulk enter using a different editor.

Note: The custom idea files are read in when the app starts up and maybe overwritten if/when an edit occurs inside the app. Ideas in the various files augment the default set, so they don’t need to include an exhaustive list. The ideas can be in any order. Also note, to revert back to the default foreplay idea from inside the app, edit it and delete ALL the text.

Creative Intimate Ideas for Couples

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Disclaimer Notice

Safety, mutual respect, and trust are essential in any sexual relationship. These elements are required for all intimate love play. Frisky Foreplay provides a source of inspiration for new and more exciting sexual activities intended only for consenting adult couples. Various combinations of sex-related ideas are designed to stimulate your creative imagination and spark your desire for hot new sensual experiences. All suggestions and activities are strictly voluntary and should be performed at your own risk and discretion. Never coerce your partner to play a role or perform an activity that does not appeal to them. You should also avoid any position, activity or product which is not suitable to your physical or sexual limitations. If there is any uncertainty or doubt, discuss the ideas together with your partner. For additional information, please also refer to the many excellent books on human sexuality available in libraries and bookstores in your area.

Succulent Enterprises Inc. and the authors assume no responsibility for any injury or damage incurred while playing or performing any activities identified in this product. The game ideas are intended for consenting adults who are knowledgeable of sex while still exploring and discovering their full sexual potential. If you have any health concerns, please consult your doctor to ensure you’re healthy and fit enough to engage in sex.

Content presented in Frisky Foreplay is of a sexual nature with intentionally suggestive themes. We have strived to maintain a wide range of acceptance as compared with information found in many commercially available relationship enhancement books. Although the content is intended for adult couples in an intimate sexual relationship, you may still find some of the textual details too explicit for your comfort level. View the material at your own discretion.

Sex is a very sensitive subject. People have radically different views on what is morally right and wrong when it comes to sex between consenting adults. Although attitudes have become more accepting of a broader range of sexual practices, many archaic laws still exist that prohibit specific types of sexual activities. Certain ideas in the game deal with activities that could be in violation of various federal, state, and local laws if actually carried out in your location. We do not advocate breaking any law. The authors and publisher do not accept liability for any injury, loss, legal consequence, or incidental or consequential damage incurred by reliance on information, advice or suggestions provided in this product. The information is for entertainment purposes only.

Always use safer sex practices and common sense when performing or engaging in any sexual activity. The sample activities in the game are designed for couples in a monogamous sexual relationship. All the foreplay and sex play ideas are intended to inspire your own sexual creativity so you can enhance your relationship with more pleasure and intimacy. They are only sexy suggestions for you to adapt and perform at your own discretion.

By purchasing and using the application, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and certify that you are of legal age to view sexually related information in your jurisdiction.