Get Frisky With Hot and Dirty Word Games for Couples

Playing dirty word games together is a fun way to get you both talking about all kinds of sexual topics. Here are a few games we’ve created to help you get talking and thinking dirty.

Boggle is a great game for stimulating your mind. But what if you have a dirty mind and want to stimulate your lover physically, too? With a few erotic twists to the standard rules, you can turn this nice and clean family game into a hot and dirty sex game for couples. This spicy word game will have you thinking, talking and playing dirty together. It’ll even help to inspire your sexual creativity to earn bonus points as you think up ever more wild and sexy ideas for your partner to perform for your pleasure. Enjoy it as a strip and foreplay game with lots of frisky fun every round you play. So, when you’re feeling a little naughty, invite your sweetie to play a frisky game of Dirty Boggle.

Succulent Expressions is a playful iPad/iPhone app we developed. When you are feeling frisky and naughty, get your creative juices flowing with a fun game of suggestive random words sure to stimulate your erotic excitement. Play as a couple or with a small group of friends. Up to six individuals or teams can play. Practice speaking your dirty mind. You gain points by making up a silly or sexy sentence using wildly wonderful word combinations. Say it out loud for all to enjoy. Make it as funny, dirty, erotic or disgusting as you can. This adult game can be played with up to six players or teams. For more details, see Hot Juicy Sex Talk Game.

Hot Juicy Sex Talk Game for Couples

Scrabble has the potential to playfully drive your lover wild with hot sexy words and dirty talk. Why play the regular way when you can easily turn it into a hot couples game to spice up your relationship. Mix in erotic talk, stripping and a sequence of delightful foreplay activities and you have a sexy game that is both mentally and physically stimulating. Although anything is possible throughout the game, the intensity of the foreplay activities can increase as the game progresses. All you need is a Scrabble Board and a dirty mind – oh and maybe a few sex toys or other kinky pleasuring accessories. Click Erotic Scrabble to find out how to play the game using dirty words and your erotic imagination.

Our Tricky Sex Coupon Books


We have many other variations of these love coupons. You’ll see links to these books on the Amazon product page.

Oral Sex Hunter is our erotic variation of battleship. In this sexy couples game, loose lips won’t be sinking ships, although there may be an armed “torpedo” ready for action. Instead, you attempt to reveal and sensually attack your lover’s erogenous zones in a tit for tat battle to make your lover succumb (couldn’t resist) with pleasure. We’ve adapted the erotic Battleship rules to involve a range of foreplay ideas involving your mouth (dirty talking, kissing, licking, biting, sucking, blowing, etc.) to stimulate your minds and bodies. It’ll have you both talking dirty and moaning with oral pleasure. For more details on how to play this free sex game, see our article Oral Sex Hunter A Sexy Game of Hide and Seek Erogenous Zones.

With some graph paper, you can make your own dirty word search game. To save you some time, we’ve created a few ready made sex game books with the naughty words randomly placed for you in a sea of letters. Various versions are available from Amazon:

See our article Seek Hot Sex Naughty Word Search Dirty Talk Foreplay Games for Lesbians for a female-only version. Gay versions are also available. For have cheater versions of the game books, too.

Suck & Lovely Lickers are vampire-themed fantasy sex game books we’ve designed using dirty word search puzzles. The games encourage you to roleplay and pretend to be seductive vampires, wicked witches, sensual victims and horny hunters engaged in a sexy struggle of primal passions and deviant desires. However, instead of sucking blood, sexual vampires feed on the orgasmic energy of their prey. While the voracious vampires seek fresh flesh to satisfy their oral hunger, hunters are out to slay their forbidden lust. These purity protectors have a stake in preserving normal sexual relations. You gain sucking and staking skills by performing erotic challenges and sensual activities that you discover in the kinky word search puzzles. Sometimes it can get really hard (you know that’s what she said). See Lovely Lickers: Vampire Roleplaying Sex Game for Naughty Lesbian Couples for more details.

With any of these games, you’ll have fun talking and playing dirty with each other all night.

And, if you want something to play for self pleasure, check out our spicy word search book.

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