Mental Foreplay: Hot Talk Leads to Even Hotter Sex

Dirty Talk Hotter Sex

Have you ever noticed that when you start talking about sexy ideas, you start to get aroused and want to have sex as soon as possible. Just talking about it get’s your mind thinking of new sensual activities you’d like to try with your partner. It can even stimulate erotic fantasies of wild new pleasures to explore together.

Now imagine you’re curled up with your sweet heart thinking of getting frisky. You want to try out some new sex ideas but you’re not sure if they’re in the mood. Sure you could just ask them if they want to try out a new sex tip or foreplay technique but the thought of them saying no is a risk you don’t want to take. Will they be shocked or offended by the wild ideas you want to explore or are they waiting and hoping that you’ll be the one to initiate something new? If only you could find out what they’re thinking – maybe get them talking with you about sex in a way that allows you to bring up your desires together.

Like mental foreplay, an intimate conversation about personal erotic desires can be an amazing turn on for both men and women. Unfortunately, talking about intimate or sensitive subjects like sex can be difficult for many people especially with someone you really care about. One of the best ways to start an intimate discussion about sex is to playfully ask each other leading questions about various sexual topics. You can start with questions inspired from magazine articles, movies, television commercials or things you’ve heard other people talking about at work.

This can get you started but you may still find it hard making up your own sex questions on the spur of the moment. You may even feel a little awkward asking questions about certain types of subjects like kinky sex play or fetishes. That’s where a book of sex questions comes into play. You don’t need to make up or even pick the questions yourself. And there’s bound to be sex questions about topics you would never have considered asking each other yet could lead right into a discussion related to one of your secret sexual desires.

To help inspire couples to improve their relationship and enjoy better sex together, my wife and I decided to write a book with fun questions designed to get you talking about various types of sexy subjects. It’s called 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples: Ignite Your Desire With Hot Talk.

This book will help guide you through a series of intimate questions while you build confidence and trust in each other. You can use the questions any time to stimulate thought provoking discussions that will arouse both your mind and body. You’ll love teasing and tantalizing each other with hot talk as you reveal your answers and inflame your craving for each other. You’ll find out what really turns each other on while getting turned on in the process.

Even if you’ve been married for many years, these fun questions will help you discover more about what your partner thinks of your sex life. They’ll help you express your desires and encourage you to discover more about yourself as well. Whether you’re curled up next to each other or talking on the phone, start a sexy conversation today and see where it leads. When you feel more comfortable talking about sex together, you’ll feel much more comfortable enjoying sex too.

Get a copy of the 469 Fun Sex Questions for Couples book today. Just click on the link or the book image to order it from Amazon. It comes with a broad range of questions that’ll help inspire your desire with creative new ideas for being naughty, frisky and playful. All the sex questions are for fun and for play. See how many questions you can get through before ravishing each other.

You can even download the ebook version for the Kindle right now and Enjoy Hot Talk for Even Hotter Sex Tonight.

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