Secret Arts of Hot Erotic Talk

Talking Dirty is Hot Foreplay
Turn Each Other On With Aural Sex

Does the idea of dirty talk in the bedroom get you excited? Have you been asked to talk dirty while making love but are too shy to go for it? Or, do you want some hot erotic talk from your lover but they feel too inhibited to let go? You are not alone. Words and how we say them have an extremely powerful influence on our emotions good and bad. Talking dirty is like hot mental foreplay when you discover how to use the language of love as an aural aphrodisiac.

Ever wonder why phone sex is such a big business? Guys spend many dollars a minute for hot, dirty talk from lusty women. And women swoon over a sexy voice and devour romance novels with descriptive scenes of seduction. Although most women and men tend to be shy expressing their erotic desires, we all love to hear a sexy voice focused on arousing us. With a few techniques, you can learn how to use your voice as a powerful aural aphrodisiac. Talking dirty is hot foreplay when you discover your special language of love.

Talking dirty is not just about using naughty or even filthy words. It’s about the erotic emotions and desires you want to convey and express. Sometimes you’ll want to scream profanities in unbridled passion while at other times whisper the same words in public as a flirtatious hint of your frisky intentions. Imagine the sultry whisper of a seductress, the harsh command of a dominatrix or the ecstatic moans of a porn star. You can stimulate your lover’s erotic imagination with explicitly descriptive detail or seduce them with simple phrases spoken in a sexy tone.

When you learn a few secret aural arousal techniques and master the art of hot erotic talk with practice, you’ll be able to:

  • Seduce your partner into (or out of) bed to make wild, passionate love.
  • Get your lover hot for you from a distance so they rush home to be with you.
  • Relax your lover and help them become receptive to fully enjoy the subtle sensations of slowly and sensually pleasuring each other.
  • Use your mouth in new ways to make your lover ache and quiver with desire for your physical touch.
  • Prolong foreplay while keeping the sexual heat just below the boiling point.
  • Describe in detail how you want to be pleasured in ways that are exciting and satisfying for both of you.
  • Paint an erotic mental picture of new sex play activities you would like to try and see where they lead.
  • Stimulate your erotic imaginations together and unlock secret sexual fantasies to share (every erotic activity is possible in your mind).
  • Build sexual tension, increase passion and even trigger intense orgasms with almost hypnotic control.
If you have been holding back using your voice as part of your arousal arsenal, learn to unleash its power now and be amazed at the erotic results.
  • For women, become a verbal vixen empowered to get the passionate sex you craved only in your wildest fantasies. Get your guy hot and eager with The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty.
  • For guys, learn the language of love with a suave, sexy voice and women will swoon with a lust for your sensual touch. Click on Learn Talking Dirty Secrets to seduce your lady and guide her sexual fantasies to a sheet clutching climax.
Get started today and unlock the exciting sexual powers of your voice. Expressing yourselves with erotic talk will also encourage you to have more intimate discussions that can improve other aspects of your relationship. Learn the secrets of aural sex today and enjoy hot mental foreplay anytime you desire. Hot dirty talk in and out of the bedroom will spice up your relationship and stimulate your minds.

Also, if you are not in a relationship yet, get these Talking Dirty guides today. They will be your most valuable asset while meeting and dating people any where. Internet dating especially relies on the power of your words and eventually your voice to generate attraction. Do it for yourself and your soul mate you’re sure to meet.

Stimulate Your Desire … Enjoy Talking Dirty Together!

Dirty Talking Tips to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sealed with a Kiss

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