Brush With Bliss – Butterfly Tease Foreplay Ideas for Couples

artist brushes and massage oil

Here is a creative way to add sensual teasing back into your foreplay. The butterfly tease technique is a way to focus on erotic pleasure. It’ll make your lover’s skin tingle and become extra sensitive to your touch. It’s based on an ancient Chinese love game described in Sexational Secrets: The Ultimate Guide for Erotic Know-How by Susan Crain Bakos. You’ll need a few soft, sable, artist or calligraphy brushes and some massage oil or lube. You’ll also want a blindfold for your partner because it makes the experience even better.

For the first time you use this technique, keep your intentions secret so that each sensation is a surprise. Don’t even reveal your brushes. You can build more excitement and anticipation when you only hint at the love play you have in mind. The mental foreplay adds to the thrill for both of you. I’ll continue the rest of the description from a male perspective pleasuring a woman but it works on guys too.

Set the mood with candles, incense and soft music to create a relaxing atmosphere. Have your lover strip and lay naked on her back. Blindfold her and ask her to remain as still as possible while trusting you to give her intense pleasure. For an extra naughty thrill, you could use the Bondage Bedsheets with the velcro restraint kit for lovers.

Once she’s comfortable, stimulate her imagination by describing a fantasy scene like:

“Pretend you are a field of flowers. Imagine a butterfly fluttering from one flower to another. You don’t know where the butterfly will land or how long it will stay. When it finds a delicious flower, it’s long sleek tongue swirls and probes as it savours the sweet nectar before flitting to the next flower for more.”

Ask her to focus on feeling what’s happening without thinking how or what you’re doing. Start off with a very light touch then vary the pressure later. Keep the sensations apparently random by varying the speed, pressure and length of time you stay on a spot. Not knowing where the brush will land will make her skin tingle waiting for each touch. Begin by delicately touching the tip of the brush to the arch of her foot then quickly move to the other foot. Lightly tickle between her toes and then tease the tips. Quickly flutter the butterfly to her ankles, calves and knees then dart back to her feet using a firmer touch to tease her toes again.

From the soles of her feet, quickly dash to her arm pits and then rest delicately on a nipple. Flutter fast at times landing so softly she barely knows the butterfly is there until you move him again. Playfully dance the butterfly over her body to awaken and arouse every nerve (breast, ear, face, neck, shoulder, arms, belly, thighs, etc.). Then stop without a sound and dip the brush in an aromatic massage oil.

The oiled brush has a much different feeling. Swirl it around her nipples. Slither it between and around her breasts. Then, spread her legs and use the brush to flit around her perineum and vulva. Stroke up and down her lips making her clitoris ache for attention. Softly stroke her clitoris then use a circular motion. Spiral around and around teasing her to the verge of orgasm.

Continue teasing her with pleasure or satisfy her any way you desire. In the book, the oiled brush was followed up with a peacock feather lightly twisting and twirling around her clitoris to trigger her orgasm.

Pleasure Points

The ancient Chinese used the brush to stimulate carefully selected “pleasure points” which cause immediate sexual arousal. These points are located:

  • Midpoint of the perineum
  • The Cinnabar field (a line of 7 points from the navel to pubic region)
  • Breasts and Nipples
  • Groin (crease between abdomen and thighs)

I prefer to just play with the brush to tickle various erogenous zones all over the body. The sensations are amazing.

Buying Brushes

Arts and crafts stores have a great selection of soft, sable brushes to choose from. The round ones tend to be the best. Get a variety of brushes with different lengths and thicknesses so you can experiment with different sensations. Also, I found that it’s hard to clean all the oil out of the brushes so I keep a set of brushes just for use with the aromatic oils.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a good calligraphy brush yet but I’m keeping my eyes open. Regular artists brushes definitely do the trick for this foreplay technique. You can also try using a silk scarf, feathers or even a soft velvety rose bud.

Put the tease back into your lovemaking games. Discover how much pleasure you can enjoy when you experience a Brush With Bliss. Try out the Butterfly Tease and create a sensation in your love life. When you take time to savour the pleasures of good foreplay, you’ll have much better sex together.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked this foreplay tip. Hope you and your partner both enjoy it.

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