Erotic Butterfly Tease Video for Couples

In my previous post, I described the Erotic Butterfly Tease – a hot lovemaking idea for couples to enjoy better sex. Feeling creative, I decided to make a video presentation using some of my wife’s flower pictures and some butterfly clip art. It was also an opportunity to try out some of the video creation techniques I’m learning in The Video Boss course.

In this video, you’ll discover a creative way to sensually tease your lover with carnal pleasure. Using an artist or calligraphy brush, you’ll be able to make their skin tingle and become extra sensitive to your touch. This powerful foreplay technique is based on an ancient Chinese love game. Unleash your sexual artist and create a sensation in your bedroom tonight.

I also highly recommend you get the Sexational Secrets book by Susan Crain Bakos. Read more about the Butterfly Tease and discover many other amazing ideas to spice up your sex life. The erotic advice will definitely enhance your relationship.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you liked the video and the foreplay tip. I hope you and your partner both enjoy it.

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